The following are referrals of clients that provided their comments by written form & video.
Most have provided their email addresses for a contact if  you wish to inquire.

Darien Nature Center - Darien, CT   04/08/24



I just want to add my thanks to you -- the reptile enclosure is beautiful! I appreciate (and am in awe of) the artistry and hard work that created this gorgeous piece. And your timing is impeccable -- we have our Annual Meeting this evening and I can't wait to show it off to our board members and supporters.

Many thanks,


Second Testimony:


We are thrilled with our new reptile enclosure!  We have all been walking around with smiles on our faces all afternoon saying "it's so beautiful!  and it truly is.  I am so grateful that I landed on your website and thank you for. creating a brilliant new home for our beloved reptiles.
Safe travels back to Tennessee!  It was a busy day with my morning class and our eclipse event.  I had wanted to ask you about a potential chameleon cage.  Maybe we can talk down the road.

Molly Robertson - Program Director




Raymond Ahles - Tennesee     

 Email:  rjahles@gmail.com

Green Iguana

We really love this enclosure! Working with Jay from JWorlds was a pleasure. He’s a real professional who knows his stuff. He happily answered any and all questions through the process and fully installed it (including plumbing) right on the spot (we happen to live only 2 hours from his Knoxville location). I don’t think there is anyone else out there who can compete with his work. It’s amazing really and was well worth the investment. This beautiful enclosure, along with our full grown green iguana, provides “living art” in our living room area making it a wonderful environment to sit a relax in. 


Catherine Melnick - Georgia

Email: cdmelnick@gmail.com

Red Tail Boa

Video Testimony


Jorden Levy - Springfeild NJ 

Roughneck Monitor Lizard


Kate Havel - College Station, TX

Blue Iguana

Email: texaggie@hotmail.com

Click here for Video Testimony


Jennifer Jozwiak - Maple Grove MN
Email: jenjoz@yahoo.com    
Blue Iguana


Anthony Higgins - South Elgin, IL

Green Iguana


Kendall Gillies -  Mount Prospect , Illionois

Water Dragon

Email: kendall.a.gillies@gmail.com


As seen on Animal Planet

 Sarah Gray -  North Carolina 
    Vine snakes, Sand Boa, Red Tail Boa, bearded Dragons, crested geckos & more

Nick Mandes - North Stonebridge, CT 


Blue Iguana

Click here for Video Testimony

Kendall Christian School / Alex Gispert - Miami Florida


Water Monitor

 Raechel Sadler  - New Jersey 

Argentine Tegu

I am beyond satisfied with the enclosure I purchased. I was confident it would be attractive and functional, but the degree of thought that went into making all the details so user-friendly really exceeded my expectations.

Jay was a pleasure to work with, very responsive throughout the whole process and pointing out concerns that hadn't occurred to mLooking at the degree of time and craftsmanship that clearly went into the enclosure, I honestly feel it should have cost a great deal more than what I paid. I recommend Jworlds without hesitation to anyone looking for a custom enclosure. His experience with the requirements of Tegu’s and his passion for creating the best product possible were very evident.

Looking at the degree of time and craftsmanship that clearly went into the enclosure, I honestly feel it should have cost a great deal more than what I paid. I recommend Jworlds without hesitation to anyone looking for a custom enclosure.

Raechel Sadle

 Lee Martin - Illinois 

 Huge Burmese Python

Bethan Atterbury - Texas

Panther & Parsins Chameleons


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 Video 1         Video2

  1. Arianna LeVine - Louisiana

Panther Chameleons, Blue Iguana, Water Dragon

Ron Clark Academy - Georgia

Iguana, Chameleon, Ball Pythons

Westmoreland Sanctuary -  New York
Variety of Reptiles and Mammals

Thank you for a priceless contribution of talent, professionalism and craftsmanship
for the environmental education and animal care programs at Westmoreland.
Your deserved accolades will echo through the hills.
Don Watson     www.earthrisedesign

LaVerne University - Jess Tocts - California
Albino Burmese Python
Dear Jay and Tinamarie,
On behalf of the University of La Verne Biology Department, thank you for the snake enclosure that now houses our albino burmese python! The enclosure turned out to be better than we expected and we are so greatful to finally have a nice place to house the department's mascot. We are also so very appreciative of the arrangements you made to come out and set-up the unit.

The enclosure is now not only one of the best items we own in the department, but one of the nicest. So much of our equipment costs thousands of dollars and its hard for many to see the value of such an expense in our equipment; but with our new enclosure it is quite obvious that this was money well spent.

Thank you for such a beautiful enclosure and thank you for all of the work the two of you put in to it. We look forward to working with you again in the near future as we make arragnements to purchase a second enclosure for our boa.

Thank you!

Jessica Tocts & the ULV Biology Deparment
Stockroom manager and Laboratory Coordinator
Biology Department
University of La Verne
909-593-3511 x 4607

Mississippi University - Mississippi




Mary Poole - Georgia


Bearded Dragons

Anne Kurtz & Jesse - New York

Scrub Python

I love the enclosure! It is better than I imagined and worth every penny. Naia started exploring it last night in the safety of the darkness and hides in her box during the day which I expected. Knowing her she will be completely settled in and basking in plain view in about a week. As soon as she does I'll send you pictures. It looks like a zoo exhibit and what I always wanted for her. After we move again (we will most likely be closer to Tennessee at that point) I will definitely call upon you again for more of your work for my other two scrub pythons.

Thanks again!

Anne Kurtz

Email: akurtz@gmail.com

Pace University - James Eyring - New York


Burmese Pythons, Chinchillas, Screech Owl, Prarie Dog, Box Turtles, Uramastyx, Hog Nose Snake

Alan Geber  New Jersey - 12/03/09

Blue Tree Monitor, Argentine Tegus, Albino Iguana & more

Hi Jay,
I wanted to share with you how happy we are with our Tree Monitor enclosure. It is every bit as nice as the Iguana enclosure you made for us.

The animals seem happier in them as they are out a lot more and getting more exercise.

The ease of cleaning the enclosure is amazing.
I simply flip a switch and all the water gets pumped to my sink and down the drain.

The lighted waterfalls look amazing and with the misting system set up in the new enclosure, it looks like a mini rainforest.

These are truly works of art. For anyone looking for a state of the art reptile enclosure that looks like it belongs in a museum, Look no further.

Jay, you are the best. We look forward to the Tegu
Enclosure you are doing for us.

Alan Geber

Innovations In Print
175 N. Oberlin Ave
Lakewood, N.J. 08701
866-892-3600 toll free
732-730-9579 fax


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Dawn Zimmerman - Wisconsin


Cave Snake