Ground Dweller Showcase


Regarding interior settings, this can be deterimned when you let me know what speices you are looking to house. Then I can suggest what I have in mind to better suit your animals needs.

This enclosure was designed for Reptiles that are not arboreal dwellers. In this case, height is not required as apposed to the length that would be necessary.

In most cases, a pool is often required not only for drinking, but allowing the animal to defecate in the water with the goal of flushing it out for easy cleaning.

Often times, the reptile will prefer to go in the water which actualy makes it easier as opposed to it going in a corner repeatedly which can be time consuming to clean day after day. This also creates an environment for bacteria growth and unpleasant smells to develope quickly.

Depending on the species of reptile, the pool size is always taken into consideration. For example, a Water Monitor  would require a larger pool as opposed to another type of Monitor which may not require a pool at all such as a Savannah Monitor.

With my experience of owning a Savannah Monitor, It loved only going in the water once a day after it had its feeding. It wasnt intrested in swimming since it's not what it is itended to do since its a land speices. It did however like to go into the pool only to defecate which actaulyy works out the best for cleaning purposes. 

This in turn made cleaning easy since all I needed to do was pull the plug from the drain and let it all drop into a 5 gallon bucket replenishing the pool with clean water until the next day.

With most of these cages, the dirty water is pumped out of the pool by lowering the pump into it that we provide.