Jworlds Origin / History

My name is Jay W. Nelmes.

I was born in Petropolis Brazil in 1965. As an artist & designer,  I have focused my skills as a craftsman in fabricating decorative cages for small exotic animals particularly regarding reptiles.

Each of these enclosures are hand crafted and designed specifically for the animal's needs. These enclosures are especially suited for housing reptiles because of the habitat I have designed which can contain large pools of water within a piece of furniture.  Most of these enclosures are usually personally delivered and set up by me including interior settings as a complete system.

I have much experience with a variety of these exotic animals. With such knowledge of these animals I have been able to design and create the perfect habitat required for reptiles and other animals.

What makes my work unique is that these enclosures can have the potential of providing both tropical and desert environments suitable for mixing various reptiles even fish to cohabit together. And best of all, the maintenance is quick because it comes equipped with an easy rinse & flush system.

Since 1997 I have been building and delivering these cages setting them up all over the USA. I have built for zoos, Museums, Nature Centers, Universities and Residential. Look forward to building for you!
Jay Nelmes