Flushing & rinsing out the enclosure

Maintenance and cleaning plays a very important role in keeping your animals healthy as well as yourself. We have developed a very efficient way to do this. These Units are equipped so they can be sprayed and rinsed down as the Unit flushes the water and waste away.

For example, the Amazon Water Basin has a slope built within the habitat's floor base to allow for the dirty water to run to one end of the enclosure. The sump pump is placed in the deep end of the pool to flush out the waste easily.

This pump can flush out a large capacity of water within minutes. Usually the simplest way to rid the water is to pump it through a garden hose straight into the toilet. The toilet automatically flushes by itself without the fear of overflowing.

Rinsing the enclosure with a water feed

The "water feed" is supplied by a hose fed by the nearest faucet or it can be directly tied into the existing plumbing. We provide a special attachment that replaces the existing aerator on your faucet which allows a standard hose to be snapped on to the faucet. Because of this system, cleaning can be extremely effective and quick.

Filters, when and not to use them

Filters can be used especially if there is a lot of water in the Unit. These filters are custom made by us and can be installed with the units waterfall rock fountain. The filter is a 3" diameter canister that fills with carbon, gravel and filter floss.

If there is a large animal that creates much waste, it would actually be quicker and healthier for the animal to flush the unit daily. Cleaning a filter can be messy and more time consuming in this case.

An example of typical reptiles not recommended to use filters for would be Iguanas, Monitors & Tegus since they defecate daily in large amounts.

To view a quick video presentation of rinsing & flushing you can see it below: