Museum & Nature Center Displays

Multiple habitats are often required when it comes to consolidating numerous animals when space is either limited, or desire to exhibit various speices of Reptiles, Amphibians & even Mammals. What we suggest is to make a list of the type of animals you wish to house and the maximum space available for the entire system. I will then create a drawing that will show a sample layout of what can be done.

After some tweaking of dimentions, the project can be started after cost is confirmed.

Here is an example of what was done in Westmoreland New York:

Westmoreland Sanctuary
Mount Kisco, NY

Started August 2012 - Completed November by 19th, 2012

This project required the designing of multiple habitats for numerous Reptiles & Mammals.

It measures a total length of 27' feet long x 2' feet deep x 6' feet high

Animals currently housed:

2 Ferrets, 1 Rabbit, Leopard Geckos, Corn Snake, Boa Constrictor,
American Toads, Musk Turtle, Snapping Turtle

Here are some other links to examples built for other facilities: