Water is essential to provide for cleaning, bathing, and the humidity needed to create that tropical environment.

Heating the water is one of the best ways to boost humidity within the enclosure.

The warmer the water, the more humidity produced as well as temperature increase. The best way I can describe it is the same effect to that of an indoor swimming pool when you enter the room.

The Under Water Heat Rock:

Usually the water fountain will have a built in cavity to allow for either a 300 or 500 watt heater which slides into it. This heater is tianium so it wont shatter. It is hidden from direct contact with any animal to prevent burns.
The water passes through the cavity as the water fall circualtes over it. This heater is on a thermostat so it can be set between 75 - 90 degrees. 80 degrees is usually standard.

(Too much humidity is not recommended because it can cause bacteria & fungus growth as well as respiratory problems much later.

The Water Fountain:

This is custom made cement structure made to fit your unit. The fountain is made of real cement to provide the rough natural surface of what would be generally found outside.

The standard overall measurements of the entire fountain can have a height of 30". The water is circulated by a fountain pump located inside the bottom of the fountain which pumps the water up to the very top flowing into a small pool area. The pool overflows running down into the base of the habitat.

The Filtered Water Fountain

The Filtered Pool Fountain is similar to the one noted above, but with the added feature of a canister filter incorporated just above the pool.
The water is filtered through a custom made canister filter through floss & carbon which in turn flows down into the pool.

The filtered canister option is NOT recommended for large animals that produce waste on a daily basis such as Iguanas because the filter would soon get filthy very quickly.

Snakes on the other hand do well with this because they don't produce much waste for even weeks at times.

The rock Fountain provides a relaxing atmosphere for those who enjoy the soothing sounds of a gentle stream.