Housing Snakes

If you are going to house a snake, you will need to determine wether or not it is in need of a dry or tropical climate. If you are not sure about what kind of habitat your snake is form, you could look up information on the Internet to be sure under care sheets or inquire with us.

Some snakes that are labeled as Pythons & Boas are generally classified under tropical animals requiring the need of humidity. Their habitat is from the rainforest, therefore that is the environment they are in need of.

Many of these types of snakes are arboreal. If this is the case with your snake, it is recommended to maximize some height in regards to an enclosure. The snake may want to bask high up and coil in the vines as they often do in there natural habitat often coiling around the limbs waiting for prey such as birds & other mammals.

Therefore, the unit would be designed to hold large vines which are bolted together to withstand the weight and stenght of the snake. If the snake is going to grow to a very large animal such as in the Burmese Python family, then height should not be to high because of the weight of the snake.

The base of the unit could then partially serve as the source of humidity. For example, our "Amazon Water Basin" or   "Tropical Land & Pool" is an excellent choice that provides this environment since water can be contained in the base.