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The Tropical Land & Pool Unit is an excellent choice for animals that need to have partial land as well as water to go down into. The unit could fill up over the land area if desired as much as 6" making a total water depth of around 14" in the pool area. This is suitable for mixing in turtles with other reptiles that are arboreal such as Iguanas, Water Dragons, Pythons...Etc.

NOTE: This model cannot be shorter than 4 feet in length. There would not be enough room to have both land & pool areas otherwise.

Regarding the height: These enclosure's are generally built with an overall dimension of 7' in height to maximize climbing and space.

Regarding the width: Our standard minimum size starts from 4' wide to a maximum of 8' wide. Wider systems exceeding 8' in length can be done which would entail "2" enclosures that would seam together.

Regarding the depth: To be certain that the units base will fit through standard doorways, our maximum standard depth is no more than 30". Larger depths can be requested once larger openings are confirmed.

These Enclosures can be ordered with or without the interior decor.
An Enclosure that contains no interior decor is considered the "Shell". The shell would include the following features:

1.) Light system - 3 ceramic light fixtures installed for incandescent lights. One double fluorescent light fixture for vita lighting. (more info)

2.) Self priming Pump for flushing.
(more info)

3.) Glass lower front & (sides optional) with tempered glass doors. (more info)

4.)Unit stained to your preference.

5.) Unit capable of holding water from 3/16" to a maximum of 10 inches deep in pool.

6.) Lower storage cabinet.

7.) Ventilated top rear incorporated within the light system.

8.) Controls to operate all lighting & pumps.

9.) Waterproof Rubberized lower Interior.

10.)Bottom wheels allow for mobility of unit.

Please specify if you would like to have the following additional Interior decor features & service:

A.) Rock Sculpture with illuminated water fountain. (more info)

B.) Vines, Greenery & Flowers.

C.) J.WORLDS Installation. (more info)
Would you like to have J.WORLDS install the unit? Recommended strongly for large enclosures to guarantee proper setup.)


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11' feet total length. These enclosures have a hide box in the light system, click on the photo above to see video on how this works!



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