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Looking for that perfect unit that's not too big, yet not too small? Look no further. This unit will suit the needs of small arboreal specimens such as Water Dragons, Basilisks, Chameleons, Anoles & Tree Frogs even small arboreal snakes such as Ball Pythons & Emerald Green Tree Boas. You can fill the base of the habitat to a maximum of 4" of water. There is a small lower cabinet which allows room for misting system as well as 5 gallon bucket for draining habiat.

A misting system provides humidity throughout the day.For chameleons, a screen door is used as another option.

Overall measurements are: 2' wide x 7 feet high x 2' deep
(overall dimentions includes light system and wheels)

These units can contain the following features:

1.) Light system - 3 ceramic light fixtures installed for incandescent lights. Two fluorescent light fixture's for vita lighting.

2.) Rock wall interior

3.) Glass lower front & with screened or tempered glass doors.

4.) Exterior stained to your preference.

5.) Capable of holding water from 3/16" to a maximum of 4 inches deep in pool.

6.) Lower storage cabinet.

7.) Ventilated top rear incorporated within the light system.

Vines & Greenery & Flowers

9.) Waterproof Rubberized loweri Interior walls.

10.) Bottom wheels allow for mobility of unit