Shawn & Tracy Morelan, GA

anyDear Jay!
We have finally pried our butts up off the floor. We have been planted in front of our new habitat for days!!!

Tracy and I absolutely LOVE our new Amazon Water Basin Unit. I have to say we were a little reluctant to make such a large purchase over the Internet, especially when we had to pay upfront. But…… I am happy to say we could not have made a better decision.
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  We appreciate the time you took before the sale to explain to us your features and all the great accessories we would be able to add to our unit. Even after looking at your page for over a year while we saved up for our unit, we were not prepared for how beautiful the unit would be in person.

It is a shame that the pictures, as great as they look, don't capture the beauty, expert craftsmanship, reptile knowledge and thought you have put into these units. I have been telling everyone I can to check out your web page.

I have been on the phone many times a day calling everyone I know in a 20-mile radius to come by and check out our new unit. I have even called a few people who I am well aware do NOT LIKE snakes, after they see your great work they all have the same response, EXCELLENT! Granted, they still are not real fond of Jake and Jasmine - our Boas that moved into the unit - but they really adore the unit.

The cage we replaced was a chore to get into, as well as hard to clean. As for laying paper in the old one, anyone who does this knows it is time consuming and not the most sanitary liner for a cage. Well. I am actually having fun cleaning out our new unit. It is so easy to do; it is almost as easy as a push of a button on the remote control!! I can drain the unit, sanitize it and re-fill all in less than 10 minutes!

I could go on and on about the great features of this unit and how much we love it and how many more we would love to get. For example, the wonderful way you incorporated the vines and greenery, or the waterfall, the underwater lighting, or the pump for easy cleaning,, and the list goes on.
Click on photo for larger image -----------> If anyone is planning on purchasing a unit but has a question PLEASE feel free to send them in our direction. It would be our pleasure to help them in any way we can concerning our satisfaction with our new Amazon Basin Unit. We had a great time while you were here.

Tracy and I would like to wish you and your family the best and we hope to stay in contact. Remember us if you are in the area again, we would love to have you back.

Shawn and Tracy Morelan
Set up completed on 4/14/01

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