Jay and his crew recently set up an Amazon Water Basin Unit (5.5 feet long, 2.5 feet wide, 7 feet tall) for my two adult iguanas at my retail store. I thought I knew what it meant to be impressed by his work after looking at the pictures on the web site, but those were NOTHING compared to seeing the unit itself! I was blown away!

They took great care with placing every vine and every flower, making sure that the unit was not only beautiful, but that it also catered to the personal needs of my iguanas. He even made sure before he left that I knew how to operate the unit so there would be no unanswered questions. In the week since the iguanas have moved in, they've settled into a new routine and are looking happy (if that's possible) and healthy in their new home. I even have some Koi swimming around the bottom of the tank now to finish the effect.

I encourage anybody in NY/NJ considering purchasing a custom habitat from JWORLDS to come look at mine and see how amazing it really is! In fact, we've attracted several new customers just through word-of-mouth about that 'neat cage' over at The Only Game In Town.


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