Hi Jay,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work you did on our new exhibits. You adapted really well to all of my last minute requests.

We have gotten many compliments on how beautiful the new exhibits are. A lady from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association said that they were the best Nature Center exhibits that she has ever seen. I would have to agree.

There is a perfect balance between providing for the animals' needs, easy maintenance and aesthetics. The animals seem to love the new exhibits too.

The water turtles have used both of the basking rocks and caves. The Musk Turtle spent a whole day in one of the caves.

The Black Rat Snake loves all the leaves and vines you put in his enclosure for him to climb on. The Bullfrogs love their enclosure also. One of them actually climbed the ferns you put on the wall.

The happiest animal seems to be the Wood Turtle. She frolics in her new pool and shakes her head with excitement under the water.

Thank you for helping our animals have a more enjoyable life.

Kyle Waggener
Director of Animal Care New Canaan Nature Center

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