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Hi Jay!
Things are fine here with the Moss clan. The snakes are doing very well, they mostly hang out on the shelf (and they are bad snakes and poop there, too!).

Hercules (the smallest of the snakes) likes to wrap around the branches near a "V" and hang out for a while; Euripedes loves to soak, and Cleopatra hasn't really moved from the shelf.

As for the iggies...well, they have turned into "Piggy Iggies.". We adopted my sister's 2 iggies. One is the mother to our larger iggie, Fingers. Her name is Ugli. She and Fingers had quite a battle for the Alpha Iggie title, but it only lasted a day, and now they are fine.

The iggie appetites have increased by about 50% since the move into larger and nicer quarters. They love it! They have striped the silk leaves off of the stems on a few, and have picked a few closed flowers and leaves from other stems, but other than that, they haven't done too much damage yet! (grin).

We have cleaned the iggie enclosure about every day or so, and it is wonderful! The leaves they pick off and the dropped food items do tend to clog the intake for the fountains at times, but we just reach it and clear it.

We have had many people over to look at it and all are in awe. We have heard comments like: "It looks like it belongs in a museum". Thanks for your talent and effort!!

Keep in touch...we will send photos soon!

Sherry and Michael Moss

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