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Laura Rose

Hi Jay,

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful new enclosure for my red tail boa "Kaa". Your expertise and knowledge of reptiles will always leave you second to none. I have waited and saved for the enclosure for 3 years. It was worth the wait and one of the best investments I've ever made. 

Maintenance of the enclosure is very easy. I used to empty my 40 gallon breeder tank (so boring) every week and clean it. I will not miss buying mulch! Cleaning is so easy now. I thank you for being so detail oriented in showing me how to maintain it and answering all my questions.

I also want to thank you for adding the underwater heater at the last minute,as I overlooked that. One of biggest problems I've always had is keeping adequate humidity in the tank,especially in the winter. With this enclosure humidity is never going to be a problem.

When people walk into my living room they are literally in shock over the beauty of the unit,it's waterfall,the lighting. It really is gorgeous! The unit wil l bring my family and I years of enjoyment. My snake thinks I've let him go into the wild! I know he was bored in that old states quo tank. We have difficulty getting him out! It's clear to me that he is much happier in his new home.

Jay you are a top notch, multi-talented professional. The ordering process  was easy, you were very flexible with delivery as I was painting and re-finishing a floor. Thanks for working with me on the time of delivery. I would like to tell anyone considering buying one of these spectacular units that they may contact me anytime for a recommendation. It was worth the wait and the money!  
Thank-you Jay,
Laura Rose

Email: lbrjr1@comcast.net
Phone: 781 842 1311


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