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The Land & Oasis Desert Unit provides an area of land, and shallow water at the opposite end. This particular case is much longer in length than it is in height. This is suitable for ground dwellers which like to bathe & soak. Excellent for Tegus, Monitors, Turtles, and Snakes.

This system will still allow you to rinse & flush the enclosure out when it is time for a thorough cleaning. The use of the pump we provide will flush the pool area out quickly through a hose into the toilet.

This system that was built for Tegu's had hoses that were fed through the walls and into a sink. They can flush out at the flick of a switch and be cleaned within literally minutes! The pumps are hidden by hand crafted cement rocks since they are left in the pool areas for convenience.




Artificial Trees and stone work was hand crafted by Jay Nelmes