J.Worlds is owned by Jay W. Nelmes. Here's a brief history to give you an idea of who I am, and where most of my creative ideas come from.

When my parents moved from England to Brazil for business reasons, I was then born in the city of Petropolis. Upon leaving Brazil at an early age in 1970, I was left with only a few memories of it's exquisite beauty which I have always longed to go back to. With it's colossal Amazon Rainforest, the numerous exotic animals within it have always piqued my interest, especially the reptile & amphibian world. This feeling has always driven me to want to simulate and capture this environment with the hope of bringing it into the comfort of the home.

Over the years with much trial and error and frustration, I finally achieved not only the look, but the climate which is indigenous to the environment with which I once lived. I have gained much experience through all this and as a result have become successful not only as the designer and builder of these unique enclosures, but as an artist and consultant as well.

Responding to many people's concerns for the Rainforest, these Units serve as a constant awareness of what is happening to the "Lungs of the Earth" as our Rainforests are being quickly depleted. As a result we know the animal life is also being affected and many species have become extinct. In turn many of these exotic animals have been smuggled out of their natural habitat. Often times they are mistreated owing to a lack of understanding by the owner. We have a responsibility therefore to take care of them individually and collectively as a people. There are many reptiles which are not properly housed and the numbers keep growing as many keep buying them because of being simply captivated by their appearance. Unfortunately many of these exotic animals are lacking the proper environment from which they came.

Left with this growing condition, I have focused on providing suitable housing for these exotic animals. As shown by the number of pictures, these units can be very versatile to house not only a variety of reptiles, but also small birds and fish. This investment is for those who are serious about their animals needs and are concerned with presenting them in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

Dealing with our customers, I have found that their satisfaction is our greatest reward.

So as a result, I enjoy my work and create each display with great anticipation. I have a creative imagination and like to make my visions a reality which are expressed within the units I create. If these creations make me feel like I'm back home in the tropics of Brazil, then I know these reptiles also feel back home because they are! We look forward to hearing from you.

Jay W. Nelmes



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