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Jamie Surface, Oregon

Hi Jay,

The unit has been dubbed "Moville". My three water
dragons are all Moe's: Mo, Mokey, Moby. I cleaned the
unit out today for the first time it was a cinch;
fast, easy, clean. It was so quick and slick and I am
just beside myself and the asthetics are incredible.

I have attached a picture of the unit. You can't see
any of my dragons, but you can barely see one at the
top middle. They seem to have adjusted very well and
I cannot express to you enough how extremely happy and
pleased I am with the unit. There is no problem in
using me as a referral, I have no problem in telling
everyone how much I love Moville.

The set up of the unit was super slick (my dad,
boyfriend, and brother did all the moving) and didn't
take much time at all. I could tell how hard you
worked at making it easy for a 23 year old to put the
unit together. I have been anticipating this since
July, and the wait was completely worth it. I think
I'm going to put a lilly pad in the bottom of the

The fountain and lighting system are fantastic and I
love the rocks in the bottome too. Thanks for the
litte extras to help the unit.

Thank you so much, both the Herps and the owner are
very, very content.

Infinite thanks,



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