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Audrey & Tony Halligan

 Hi Jay,
  We can't begin to tell you how happy we are with the Amazon Water Basin you built for us. It is stunningly beautiful and has become the focal point of our living room.

Far beyond being just a habitat, it is an elegant piece of furniture, far nicer than any picture could ever show.

   More importantly, though, it provides the perfect environment for Bob, our
18-month-old iguana.
   He adapted quickly to his new home and is quite happy in there as he climbs all around the branches and hides amid the foliage.

We raised Bob in a 55-gallon tank that we were given. We tried to make him
as comfortable in there as possible, but it wasn't the right enclosure for him and he knew it. He always gave us a battle as we tried to put him back in for the night. Not so any more!

  When it's late afternoon, he'll walk over to his new home and wait to be put back in. Then he'll climb up to the top branches and put himself to bed, snuggling in amongst the leaves. We couldn't ask for a happier iguana!

  And thank you, Jay, for all your time and patience with our many, many
questions. We are extremely satisfied customers, and we would be more than
pleased to be a reference for you for anyone considering buying one of your

Thanks again,
Audrey & Tony



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