Hi Jay,

I am thrilled with my Jworlds habitat. My iguana and turtle are both very happy. The iguana loves to hide in the top branches of his habitat behind the philodendron leaves, he thinks we can't see him with only his eye showing. Bob the turtle swims around and under the waterfall from the fountain, and seems to enjoy diving off the side into the water. He sleeps in the fern grotto (we added 2 more ferns for him).

The habitat is very easy to keep clean, it flushes easily and refills quickly. It has added a beautiful new dimension to our living room, and friends and family have commented on how restful it is to watch. I find that the kids and myself tend to read, and watch the habitat in the evening rather than turning on the TV. Bob the turtle puts on quite a show in the evening hours and we laugh watching his antics. Agatha, my male iguana, loves the habitat and thinks that he is back in the wild again. He climbs all over, drinks from the fountain and basks under the basking lights. He watches what we do during the day, and has little desire to come out and play with us. He seems very happy in his new home.

I haven't been called by anyone yet looking for a reference but hope to be. I really feel that my unit is worth all that we paid and more, it is a conversation piece and a little bit of the rainforest for my home. Thanks for all your hard work on my unit!

Emily, Agatha and Bob

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