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Donna Lorello, CT

Returning customer!!

Jay, we were awed by the first unit you built in the year 1997– beauty and function combined together. There was no hesitation when it came time for a new unit, and it is an incredibly beautiful work of art and a comfortable living space for Jade, my large male iguana.

It is all the comforts of home a lizard could ask for and so pleasing to the eye making it the centerpiece of attention in the living room. You are so easy to work with – you know your stuff – and the investment is worth every penny put into it.

If anyone wishes to contact me regarding how I feel – as a returning customer – there are no words to truly express the pleasure felt - and I think I would be speaking for Jade as well. So, please pass on my contact information – I have nothing but good words to say.

Donna Lorello

Email: sunny19682@comcast.net


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