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                     SHIPPING THE CRATE TO YOU

For west coast orders, your enclosure will most likely be shipped. However depending on the magnitude of the set up, I have even been asked to fly out and assemble the enclosure after it was shipped. and other times by a trucking company contracted out by us....

In this case shown below, it entailed the unit being properly packed by us building a custom crate specifically for the enclosure. There can be up to 2 large crates depending on size of order. These crates are shipped to the nearest trucking terminal in your area.

They are then picked up by a local trucking Co. that has lift-gate service, (which is already arranged by us & paid for). This Company is contracted out by us to deliver to your home or business. It will call you once they have it in their possession to know when it can be delivered to you during the week; not weekend.

If the consumer(you)are going to assemble it yourself, (applies only to smaller units) you must arrange to have help to unpack it & get it into your home. The trucking Company is not responsible for this.

You will need a screw gun to take the crates apart. (They will be too heavy and bulky to get through the door). It would also be good to have them placed into a garage of some sort if you are not able to open them right away for its protection.

Setting up the unit includes the decorating of the interior display such as installing the rock fountain, mounting the vines & greenery, and then getting the unit up and running. We video tape each unit step by step to ensure ease of assembly on DVD format.


                             PERSONAL DELIVERY

Because customer satisfaction is our priority, we deliver most of our units to ensure proper handling & set up. Delivery of the unit sometimes will be delivered by us personally especially if you live in on the East Coast to Central USA. Depending on size of enclosure or if another delivery is on
the way we use our trailer to.

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