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Craig Harrison, Michigan

Hello Jay,

I was immediately blown away by the aesthetic beauty of the enclosure. Equalling the appearance is the ease with which it can be cleaned. It literally takes only 15 minutes to rinse and clean the unit.

Despite the above reasons, the most beneficial aspect of this purchase has been seeing my columbian boa's reaction to her home. She never wants to be taken out and always happily returns when I put her back in.

This was further realized last month when I had to move. I had her in her previous home, which is a decent tank, until I could re-assemble your enclosure. 

She despised it. She was constantly trying to escape and became noticably stressed out. It was the only time in which she refused to eat. After I assembled the J World's tank, she immediately became her old self.

Other than the cost, which pushed me to work overtime, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'm just kidding. I feel it was totally worth the investment.

One final thought regarding this tank was the way you conducted yourself. You always acted in a professional and courteous manner. I had reservations about giving over $4k to a stranger, but that was quickly put to rest once we began our discussions.

Thank you,
Craig Harrison


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