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Corner Hutch Unit
(overall dimensions of : 3' Wide x 7' High x 24" Deep)

This Enclosure was set up in for tree frogs


The Amazon Water Basin Unit comes equipped with a flush and rinse system. The entire base of the unit is capable of holding a maximum depth level of approximately 6" of water. This unit provides a great source of humidity as well as bathing and drinking for tropical species.

These enclosures are excellent for arboreal dwellers because the unit is generally designed to height of over 6 feet or more. This system is perfect for tropical reptiles & Amphibians such as Geckos, Tree Frogs, and small snakes.

This cabinet design is NOT recommended for Iguanas & other large animals. This is because there is very little turn around room due to space minimized where the unit's space tapers at the corners.

This enclosure includes the following:

1.) Light system - 3 ceramic light fixtures installed for incandescent lights. (more info)

2.) Under water light

3.) Glass lower front with 2 tempered glass doors.

4.) Unit stained to your preference.

5.) Unit capable of holding water from 3/16" to a      maximum of 6 inches deep in pool.

6.) Lower storage 24" cabinet with drain.

7.) Ventilated top incorporated within the light      system.

8.) Controls to operate all lighting & pumps.     

9.) Waterproof Rubberized lower Interior.

10.) Rock textured upper backdrop.

11.) Corner rock sculpture with waterfall

12.) Vines & greenery

12.) Bottom wheels allow for mobility of unit.



Regarding the height: These enclosure's are generally built with an overall dimension of 7' in height to maximize climbing and space.

Regarding the width at the front: The standard size usually is 4' wide maximum at the front.