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Potential Buyers of JWorlds Units,

I am most pleased with my Amazon Water Basin Unit that was set up by Jay and Tina Marie for my iguana "Draco". I would recommend this unit as a suitable and healthy environment to raise an iguana or other tropical pet.

During the preliminary purchase phase of contacting JWorlds I was impressed with the consistent and immediate responses to my questions. JWorlds was sensitive to my needs and willing to listen and offer me options before committing to my purchase. I felt comfortable right away that I was dealing with a business that had commitment and integrity.

During the production phase in which I sent my money in advance JWorlds stayed in contact and kept me updated on progress and delivery and set-up plans. Jay stayed on schedule and added perks to my unit such as extra length and underwater lighting to make it extra special and suited to our needs.

The long journey of the unit from Connecticut to Oregon went smoothly. Within a month the unit was delivered by a trucking company professionally packed and unscathed. JWorlds arrived the next morning and worked a very hard 12 hours to complete the unit set-up. Jay made extra efforts to please us and ensure the proper functioning of the unit.

We have had our unit one week now and after the initial adjustment phase and familiarity with the unit Draco has a smile on his face and is thriving as he has accepted full ownership of his new habitat. He roams the many branches, swims in the pool, and drinks from the waterfall. The temperature and humidity has been adjusted to his needs. He appears very content.

The unit has been a spectacular addition to our home and has become the centerpiece of attention. It is a beautiful way to display your tropical pet and simulates the natural habitat in an effective manner. Draco highly recommends JWorlds!

Thanks again JWorlds for the wonderful workmanship and service!!!

Pat and Connie Brown
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