Atkins Jr. High, TX

Dear Jay,
I wanted to put in writing how pleased I am with my new iguana habitat. I call it a habitat because it is like a mini-jungle zoo type enclosure, not a cage. Fred, the iguana, looks right at home. The students in the classroom where I work say Fred looks like the, "King of the World", when he is perched on his top tree. They love to show it off to the visitors who come to marvel at our new addition. Everyone remarks about how beautiful and well constructed the unit appears. It is the talk of the school!

I was also pleased with how smoothly the shipping and delivery went, also putting the enclosure together went like clockwork due to the wonderful step-by-step instructions that were included. I was kept advised during construction and shipping of the unit so there were no surprises.

It makes me feel good to see our students finally getting to observe an iguana in his natural surroundings. We have talked about a rain forest, and now they actually get to feel like they are there when they watch Fred climbing and swimming as iguanas do. We plan to invite classes from other schools to visit our jungle.

Thanks for a great job,

Mary Wesley
Atkins Jr. High
Lubbock, Tx


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