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Alex Pierpaoli - Hamden, CT

Hi Jay,
Minya, my iguana, is ecstatic about his new J-World.  If iguanas could smile his little green face would have a permanent grin on it since he’s moved in.  He swims, climbs, and basks like a happy lizard in his J-World and he does it in style.  Not only is Minya’s home enjoyable for him, it’s beautiful to look at for the humans on the outside of the enclosure. 

J-Worlds’ reptile homes are ideal for both reptilian inhabitants and human consumers as well.  This should be no surprise as Jay Nelmes is someone who has not only kept reptiles and exotic pets himself, but he also clearly has a love and adoration for the creatures that live inside the homes he builds.  Not only are his creations spectacular in terms of aesthetics, they are also ideal in terms of functionality.

Although they can be expensive, buying one is money well spent because in the long run you will spend less money on supplies at your local pet store.  In the end, buying a J-World gets you a zoo-quality enclosure that for all intents and purposes becomes a little slice of rain forest in your living room.

Thanks for everything!


Email: Alex Pierpaoli  insectpolitics@alexpierpaoli.com

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