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Shawn Souto, NJ

When I think of my enclosure that I have received from Jay Worlds, it quickly becomes difficult to put together all of the words that come to my mind.  My first impression is "a completely unbelievable enclosure that puts some zoo exhibits to shame", though upon deeper inspection I am even more grateful for his excellent customer service.

 Any time that I have had any concerns, Jay has always been there right away to help me address any and all of them quickly and completely.

  For example, I wanted to know something simple such as what other animals could peacefully co-exist with my iguana.  Now this is something that I could have researched on my own, but his immediate response shows how much he really does have an in-depth understanding of reptiles.  And this is something that is key for a custom built enclosure.

  Why would you want some fabricated enclosure built (for nearly the same price) by another company who does not have first-hand experience with the animals going into the enclosure, when you could have Jay, who spends his time learning as much about the animals as he can, so he can make the enclosure more customized to fit the needs of the particular inhabitants living within it?  

  Another unrelated experience which I had was an issue that arose because I had to move my enclosure from one location to another.  Jay has even offered to help move my enclosure!  Now where else can you find customer service that is that dedicated?

 All I can say is that if every other business out there had the heart and the dedication which Jay does, then the world would be a much better place.  Thank you Jay for everything you have done, and please feel free to recommend your clients to me for further questions that they may have.  Your skills, and your dedication to your clients is greatly appreciated."

Email: shawn.souto@gmail.com


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