J.WORLDS / Project sample for "Isaac"

I have presented 2 separate designs for you to look at.

The first top tow drawings features the "land only enclosure".


Custom made rock formations would be installed with some vines that are not shown here.

Mulch can be put into the bottom land areas(not provided though)Lights shown above would be screened off to prevent burns as well as avoid the snakes fro entering the light system area.

They will however have access to the upper chamber hide box which runs parallel to the lights above.

The greenery would also be more tropical as wll as fill the interior more than what is shown in the photo below.


The second has a pool area located on the far right.

I have made a partition to divide the dry land are from the water pool. This way the land area can gain the same distance in height as does the pool area since there is limited height. This way all space is accommodated and not wasted.

Pump for draining enclosure is hidden behind the corner rock


Pictures below show the Land & Pool Design:

The wood work shown on the left shows a trim smaple which has some carvings on it. This would be in oak though to try and match the color wood and grains you have in the home interior.

Artificial Rocks & Root sytems ar made out of cement. Simular features would be incorporated within the enclosure.



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