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Melissa - Tampa, Florida - 09/2008

Mellissa unfortunately just passed away tragically on 11/06/09. She will be deeply missed by her family and friends.

Her story can be found here in the Tampa Times

Jworlds will keep her testimony up in memory of her. She was often contacted in reference to questions about her enclosure and was always eager to recommend us to them. At 32, she was a highly skilled advocate as an investigator for the Federal Public Defender's Office.

Her testimony:

I only have great things to say about Jay and his amazing enclosures. I bought an enclosure for a red tail boa not water dragons.
I was skeptical and waited for 2 years before "taking the plunge." Mostly because of $ but I finally realized that I could not build one cheaper myself or find anyone else to do a suitable job. It is more than an enclosure. It is a piece of furniture to be treasured for years and I love showing it off. Jay was very patient with my numerous questions before I gave him any $ and he has continued to provide excellent customer service. I have never waited more than 24-48 hours for a response to my email or phone message, most of the time Jay responds within hours unless he is traveling.
During enclosure production, Jay kept in close contact with me to update me on his progress. When it was time for delivery, he coordinated the date so as not to affect my work schedule.
The enclosure was delivered in Sept 2008 and Jay has been easily accessible for minor maintenance questions I have asked him about since then. The enclosure is very easy to clean and Jay provides detailed maintenance instructions upon delivery. Jay has owned reptiles himself so he also knows a lot about the animals' needs and his enclosures are custom built with this in mind.
Lilo, my RTB, adapted very quickly. Being arboreal, Jay added lots of sticks and greenery in the cage to create her natural environment. As with any habitat change, for the first few weeks she mostly stayed on 1 or 2 of the sticks. But after she got over the normal animal response to a new environment, she was all over the cage and especially loves basking on the basking ledge at the top hiding behind the greenery. She defecates and urinates in the water on the bottom so it is very easy to clean afterwards. Jay provides all of the equipment you will need to maintain the unit, and even after delivery he will walk you through how to change the filter, etc. I can not say enough about the excellent customer service he provides.
I can not say enough about how happy you will be. This is a treasure you will enjoy and own for years.
I'll email you pics in a separate message. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.
Happy new year,


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