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  Show-cage Hutches for:
Sugar Gliders, Ferrets, Hedge Hogs, Chinchillas, & Rabbits:

These enclosures are specifically designed for small animals especially for those that can soon chew the wood work of the cage. That is why we have the interior either tiled or lined with glass to prevent structural damage. This also makes cleaning easy since it is waterproof. Notice the tile inside the enclosure shown below:

Top barred vents are provided for additional ventilation show on left. Access door swings up to open and locks.


These hutches can be built to whatever length you need. The base can also be another habitat if needed to accommodate for more animals.

This is a great way to keep you rabbits indoors during the winter months!

These enclosures can also be designed to accommodate for a cat litter box to be hidden. The large hole on one side allows the cat to enter. This also helps keep odors down, and prevents any litter that occasionally gets kicked out of the litter box stay inside the base cabinet.

Interior access door is shown closed & in open positions.