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La Verne University, CA

View video on Youtube here: http://youtu.be/YtrsL49BSTI

Dear Jay and Tina Marie,

On behalf of the University of La Verne Biology Department, thank you for the snake enclosure that now houses our albino burmese python! The enclosure turned out to be better than we expected and we are so greatful to finally have a nice place to house the department's mascot. We are also so very appreciative of the arrangements you made to come out and set-up the unit. The enclosure is now not only one of the best items we own in the department, but one of the nicest. So much of our equipment costs thousands of dollars and its hard for many to see the value of such an expense in our equipment; but with our new enclosure it is quite obvious that this was money well spent. Thank you for such a beautiful enclosure and thank you for all of the work the two of you put in to it. We look forward to working with you again in the near future as we make arragnements to purchase a second enclosure for our boa.

Thank you!

Jessica Tocts & the ULV Biology Deparment

Stockroom manager and Laboratory Coordinator
Biology Department
University of La Verne
909-593-3511 x 4607

Jessica Tocts

A Hide box for the snake is located towards
the front half of the light sytem shown below

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