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David Finley - South Carolina

 One of the most important considerations for Chinese Water Dragons is a proper enclosure.  The dragons grow between 2-3ft and sometimes larger so you really need a Jworlds enclosure to house them safely.  I can’t imagine having anything else.  Jay is a combination sculptor, artisan, craftsman, plumber, electrician, and engineer in order to make such a unique, high quality environment for reptiles.  All the components are high quality, low or no maintenance.  I added a nesting box (removable) that resulted in a new clutch of seven dragon eggs currently incubating.  I also added an automated misting system from Promist.  The only thing we do is add crickets/mealworms/silkworms and exchange the water at least bi-weekly (filter medium as req’d) and its self-maintained.  The UVB bulb is replaced per mfgr suggestion.  We’re meticulous about the water level so we will add some water weekly.

The enclosure is a beautiful piece of furniture and quite an attraction for our visitors.  The dragons love hanging out on the natural thick branches and diving from high above into the pool.  Jay took detailed notes and was a good listener in designing our enclosure.  He built it in Connecticut and drove it to our home in South Carolina and assembled it onsite.  He even designed a pass-through  hidden portal in the rear of the enclosure to allow access to our thermostat.  The heavy – duty construction allows safe movement of the enclosure if required.

Jay’s service and support have been world-class or should I say “jworlds” class.  He has always  been available to answer questions or offer suggestions. His attention to quality and detail is meticulous and he makes sure you understand proper maintenance, providing you with all the tools you need including pump, hoses, bulbs, etc.  Materials used are of the best quality available and all construction is heavy duty.  Upon completion Jay will leave you with a list of replacement parts and supplies required for easy maintenance. We love our jworlds enclosure and our water dragons and would not hesitate to recommend jworlds if you’re truly focused on having the best enclosure for your exotic reptiles. Warm Regards, David and Katherine Finley


Peanut and Tiger Lilly

Tega Cay, SC

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