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Brent Burns, MN (Pro Hockey Player For Minnesota Wild)

A number of habitats were designed and custom built for a wide variety of Reptiles for brent Burns collection. Brent will be housing Sail Fin Dragons which are currently on order as well as various tree frogs, geckos and other exotics to soon have their new homes awaiting them.

The video below will show two of his reptiles being introduced to their new homes. The new enclosures will provide better housing which will contribute to their health. With better lighting, space, areas enabling them to climb and a fresh water source to drink and bathe will make a change for the better.

Reptiles introduced in the video are a Water Monitor followed by a Savannah Monitor.

Be sure to select 1080p next to the YouTube logo located to the lower right hand corner of video to view in full HD especially for full screen view


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