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Anne Kurtz,
Grand Island, NY

Veiw video testimony on Youtube: http://youtu.be/tO66pGZbZ78


I love the enclosure! It is better than I imagined and worth every penny. Naia started exploring it last night in the safety of the darkness and hides in her box during the day which I expected. Knowing her she will be completely settled in and basking in plain view in about a week. As soon as she does I'll send you pictures. It looks like a zoo exhibit and what I always wanted for her. After we move again (we will most likely be closer to Tennessee at that point) I will definitely call upon you again for more of your work for my other two scrub pythons.

Thanks again!

Anne Kurtz

Email:  mail.akurtz@gmail.com

Below enclosure completed with artificial foliage

A Hide box for the snake is located towards
the front half of the light sytem shown below


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