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Alan Geber - New Jersey - 12/03/09

Hi Jay,
I wanted to share with you how happy we are with our Tree Monitor enclosure. It is every bit as nice as the Iguana enclosure you made for us.

The animals seem happier in them as they are out a lot more and getting more exercise.

The ease of cleaning the enclosure is amazing.
I simply flip a switch and all the water gets pumped to my sink and down the drain.

The lighted waterfalls look amazing and with the misting system set up in the new enclosure, it looks like a mini rainforest.

These are truly works of art. For anyone looking for a state of the art reptile enclosure that looks like it belongs in a museum, Look no further.

Jay, you are the best. We look forward to the Tegu
Enclosure you are doing for us.

Alan Geber

Email: AGeber@aol.com

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 New Jworlds enclosure's are replacing other cages  as shown compared to the photo on upper right =>

The client below wishes to create an entire showroom with his large Reptile collection. The refinished basement looks like a museum.


Each Tegu Enclosure shown above has pool areas to allow for easy cleaning.
The pools flush out at the end of the day.

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